MC Plus Plus - MySpace Pimpin' lyrics

MySpace pimpin', and I'm MySpace pimpin'
MySpace pimpin', playin' find-a-slut
MySpace pimpin', ho's got naked pics up
MySpace pimpin', and I'm MySpace pimpin'
Girl call me daddy, come get this whippin'

Four in the morning
I gotta take a piss
so I move my mouse just to see what I missed
on AIM, it's insane, girls can't refrain
go kick my game, cause I'm still that same
AIM pimp you heard about, ain't a damn thing changed
not even my change, got a little more fame
and got girls on MySpace actin' all deranged
looking for attention in the worst kinda way
sending me messages on how she'd like to play
games, and I ain't talking about Yahtzee
girl want to show me her double-d's
and I'm like jeez girl
please girl
you might have a disease girl

cause I saw your top eight, ain't tryin' to hate
but your profile says you give head on the first date
and your girlfriends got big breasts and ass
you share with them your same lack of class
but you got good taste, I see you bought my thong
and on your profile you got my song
so this is for you and all your slutty friends
you say you want respect, but that's all pretend
and you know me girl, I keep it real
so here's the deal, ain't interested in exactly how you feel

big booty ho's, big booty ho's
on MySpace, they take off they clothes
post naked pics up, this tricks is mixed up
don't think that this girl was raised right
cause her father's a pastor, says she don't like
the church, cause she's so "independent"
apparently that means she's into women
wasn't familiar with that definition
but the way you act, that's your own decision

Repeat Chorus

I know it's wrong, I shouldn't write songs like this
don't take no effort, but the ladies like it
I guess y'all gonna call me a hypocrite, shit
I can't disagree, I'm just acting goofy
straight acting the fool, see
put this in your MySpace if you's a floozy
girl I'm just saying, you got no shame in your game
you got naked pics up, but I'm not complaining
but I'm just saying
it's no surprise you got restraining
orders out for deadbeat losers, who been to prison twice
your look nice but you got booty lice

I ain't trying to preach but here's some advice
study for your tests instead of showing your breasts
try showing some class instead of showing your ass
ain't tryin' to hear it, AIDS test only one you passed

don't need a type-checker to know your type
don't need no insight to figure out what you like
let me guess, you like to wear Guess jeans
hang out with the teens, similar teens with similar interests
coulda guessed, when you get stressed to like to hit up the club
and press five guys, who know how to rub
you the right way on the dance floor

I ain't callin' you a whore, but whatcha need four
see through panties, in the top drawer
I sound like a preacher, these the things you momma should teach ya
it ain't my business so let me finish
why should I bother, man, I ain't your father
and for that I'm so happy
but baby, you could still call me daddy

I don't need a lot to kick it, look
I ran outta lyrics, so I'll repeat the hook

Repeat Chorus