Lyriciss - The Balance (2011)

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Lyriciss - The Balance lyrics

Yeah, I'm just looking for that balance...

[Verse 1]
Hip-hop student, PG resident
Revolutionary, same color as the President
Spittin' hell-fire from a gift that was heaven-sent
Raised the bar, even in limbo, I never bent
Made my own path, my success got no precedent
Keeping it in the fam like my last will & testament
God had a plan, I just followed it blindly
Waiting for a label to wise up 'til they signed me
Not that I minded, just saying that they should mind me
I'm a goldmine, your stock rise if you find me
Soul deep as receivers
My supporters is on it, told me keep it up like sativas
I don't chief reefer, but I stay elevated
I been the underdog, they said that I'd never make it
Jeans ain't tight enough, he don't make that pop shit
Always got a message, he be on that 'Pac shit
He don't never beef with niggas & he don't pop shit
So how could we put him in the top 10?
Suck a dick, you niggas forgot the music
Got a piece of power, you pussy niggas abused it
Got a little money and most of you misused it
So if it ain't an Inner Loop deal, I refused it
'Cuz this is more than the cameras & mic quotes
This is life when you're walking on the tightrope...

Leaning to the left, leaning to the right
My vision straight with the ending in my sight
They giving me the world just for giving them the talent
Mind over money, I'm just looking for the balance...
Yeah, I'm just lookin' for the balance
Mind over money, I'm just lookin' for the balance
They're giving me the world just for giving them the talent
Mind over money, I'm just looking for the balance...

[Verse 2]
They wish I'd fall off just to drown in the deep end
Or box me in, but I ain't Solid Snake creepin'
Got up out the lane of them average rappers
I can't be boxed, that shit's for cadavers
If my mind's complex, I'm stationed on the balcony
Golden thoughts with an iron heart, this is alchemy
Looking me over just made me go harder
Looking at these contracts made me a little smarter
Tried to count me out the game, now I'm at the plate
And I'm out to get mine like a selfish sex partner
Only trust people far as you can throw 'em
Cuz 'til you seen 'em fall, you can't really know 'em
Y'all bammas rap for the fame & your vanity
I would quit it all for my daughter & my sanity
Pain brings wisdom, learn as you grow older
Was made cold-hearted by gettin' the cold shoulder
Keep to myself often - drama? I hate such
I don't hate people, we prolly just don't relate much
My key strength just happens to be my passion
But now, wearing your heart of your sleeve's out of fashion
Mind of an addict
Pain is the product from dealin' with mixed signals, I'm not surprised with the static
Tryna get the world just for givin' them my talent
Mind over money, I'm just looking for the balance...