Lydia - I've Never Seen A Witch lyrics

You start to scream like we're making a scene.
I must remind you this is not a movie.
You couldn't help but play the queen;
you left them, all at your feet

But I've come to believe it, I've come to believe it.
Just like my mouth open over the pavement
But fake as you can, tell them all why you started this panic.

You were a ghost for late October.
I will one come summer.
I saw this world like a paper,
and you could not ever stay here.

Oh now I believe it, now I believe it.
It's like my mouth open over the pavement.
How could you think I wouldn't know this?

You speak quite a storm with that small mouth.
And I barely sleep in my own house.
Stare at me and I might transform.

All hail the queen still -
I've never seen a witch this mean.