Luxt - Subcutaneous Grin lyrics

There's something here I'm hiding
Somewhere under this skin
Buried below resides this
Subcutaneous grin

There's something I'm denying
Something I was something I've been
Under this latex lining, filed back
Behind the sin

Fortunes of embarrassment
Rich with ignorance

There's nothing here worth wanting
Roots to my spine these lies
You'll see it when I drop my guard
You'll spit it back in my eyes

All walls disintegrating
Old paths forgotten in time
My pasts my violations
Subcutaneous crimes

Go away just go away
Memories corrode my head
Never "past" forever stay ever deep stay fucking dead

Go away don't let me speak that pussy assed "poor me" bullshit
I was weak, fear that I'm still
So to the past, I weld these lips

Fortunes of embarrassment
Rich with ignorance
Obsessions sad digressions I'd just soon forget
Now I'm hiding...