Luxt - Megaplex lyrics

As I open my eyes
As I open my walls
As I open my self I feel you pouring in
As I swallow your lives
As I swallow your hearts
As I swallow your filth
I feel you coming in

I lay awake eternal, infanticidal, cold
I'm growing, changing, dying this body hours old
These slabs that make my substance
These windows guide my view
For every rotting stone I lose there are a hundred new

As you come in to me
As you bring to my need
As you fill up my whole
I feel your violence throb

My mass is thick and sprawling
I lick the higher clouds
I root to penetrate the earth infinite dark and loud
I store the seeds of killing
I echo vaults of pain
A witness to a million souls
All action, deed, and blame

As you drive to my wounds
As you dampen my womb
As you sleep in my tombs
I feel your darkness dripping out

If these walls could talk they'd bite right through the ears that listen in
If the streets could bleed the buckets spilled across the century
If these iron ribs could grind their concrete shell into the words
Of sin and love and hate and fear
I've heard their tiny souls would freeze

As I open my eyes, as I open my walls
As I open my self I feel you pouring in

I kill the land and suck it dry
I am an entity of man
Built to serve, observe, and cry for all I am, and never die
Hollow faults and hardened limbs
Tongues of iron sucking in
Home to every tear and fortress and reflection of all will

I house the death and fucking, I cradle rape and care
I'm part religion, brothel, factory of disrepair
I'm everything to some and dream crusher to others still
An object of desire to risking souls with holes to fill