Luxt - Matthew 10:12 lyrics

What ugly crime could bring such retribution?
What was the line crossed in cowardly minds?
Was it a game set up for vile amusement?
Or just a lack of shame brought on by some abuse?

What did you feel?
Such thoughts just make me shudder
Unkindly real pain from one to another
Were you in shock?
When did it cross your mind?
They would not stop
Your final seconds signed

Was it so cold that snow-touched Wyoming night?
I was so near
Unaware of your strife
I never knew you, but still something inside
Wants you to know that more than once I've cried
For you

If I could meet you
If I could see you
If I could breathe you
If I could touch you
If I could help you
If I could hope to
If I could be you
Still, would I know you?

Within myself
I fight the urge to distribute Hell
Unleash what is deserved
Within myself
The same evil of man
I look for other ways to make the weak ones understand