Luxt - Hate Song lyrics

Before I looked to you as something I adored
An inch out of my reach beyond my form
You were an object to me, you held my gaze
The person I was once has me amazed

So in my head I whispered words, empty now
Not yours, not ever, no way, no how
I do believe yes, looking back
That you have always, always, known

Yes, I wanted of you
Yes, I longed to touch you
Yes, I slept drained of you
Yes, I never had you
Yes, I've grown beyond you
Yes, I've gone and lived without you
Yes, I've thought about you
Yes, I've learned to hate you

Now, I realize you
Now, I stand above you
Now, I can despise you
And all others like you
Once, I would have loved you
Done anything for you
Held, touched, cared, forever fucked you
Now the thought makes me abhor you

You've done nothing for me
Tears were never shed for me
Still I know you knew it silently took more of me
You'll never touch me
You'll never taste me
No matter how you want me
You mean nothing to me

I see red and taste your smile
Bile-like spitting choked defiled
Memories now so maddening, innocent, embarrassing
Now you're nothing and I know
As I look to you below
Is my laughter not enough to show you how extremely you're fucked up