Lupe Fiasco - WWJD He'd Prolly LOL Like WTF!!! (Friend Of The People Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro]
, Really? This is what you guys been doing?
, Searching
, [Hook 1]
, Before the break...

Lupe Fiasco - WWJD He'd Prolly LOL Like WTF!!! (Friend Of The People Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro]
ZH: [简介]

EN: Really? This is what you guys been doing?
ZH: 真的吗?这是什么你们一直这样做呢?

EN: Searching
ZH: 搜索

EN: [Hook 1]
ZH: [钩 1]

EN: Before the break there were none
ZH: 这段时间没有

EN: And as it broke there was one
ZH: 打破了有一位

EN: From moon to sun, it goes on and on
ZH: 从太阳月亮,就和

EN: The winter battle was won, the summer children were born
ZH: 冬季战役是赢了,孩子出生的夏天

EN: And so the story goes on and on
ZH: 因此,故事是关于和

EN: Come on woman in your left beats
ZH: 就在你左边的节拍的女人

EN: Those in bed with the house keys
ZH: 那些在床上把房子的钥匙

EN: So fair weather feels heartbreak from here to eternity
ZH: 因此,公平的天气感到心碎,从这里到永恒

EN: Come on woman in your wrong time
ZH: 女人进来你错误的时间

EN: Far far far from the virgin pine
ZH: 迄今为止,远离处女松

EN: Rise on now from the dead leaves
ZH: 现在从枯叶上涨

EN: Come back to me
ZH: 回到我身边

EN: Oh, she sings her favorite song
ZH: 哦,她唱了她最喜欢的歌

EN: Left to her tears and dreams, it goes on
ZH: 它留给她的眼泪和梦想,下去

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [诗歌 1]

EN: Standing in line for the new one
ZH: 站在新线

EN: Not the black, but the blue one
ZH: 不黑,但那个蓝色

EN: And I don't even know what it do, son
ZH: 我甚至不知道什么和它所做的儿子

EN: Steve Jobs said that it's too fun
ZH: 史蒂夫 · 乔布斯说它是太好玩了

EN: Fun in a bun is what I need
ZH: 好玩的面包就是我需要的

EN: It's cold out here, put my arms in the sleeves
ZH: 天气寒冷,在这里,把我的手臂放在袖子

EN: I'll probably lose my place if I leave
ZH: 我可能会失去我的地方,如果我离开

EN: But I really need to pee
ZH: 但我确实需要想尿尿

EN: If I do it right here they'll see
ZH: 如果我做了右在这里他们将看到

EN: Makes you wonder, how do snipers
ZH: 让你自己知道,如何做狙击手

EN: Marathon bikers
ZH: 马拉松骑

EN: Next time: diapers
ZH: 下一次: 纸尿裤

EN: They say it has all new features
ZH: 他们说它具有所有新功能

EN: Faster processors and much better speakers
ZH: 更快的处理器和更好的扬声器

EN: Great for kids, a necessity for teachers
ZH: 伟大的孩子,老师的必要条件

EN: For work or home, a revolutionary way of being alone
ZH: 为工作或家庭,孤独的革命性的方式

EN: I mean, should we really get a loan?
ZH: 我的意思是,我们真的应该得到贷款吗?

EN: Hey what's the matter, just tell it to your phone
ZH: 嘿,什么是这件事,只是告诉你的手机

EN: Cupertino heart with Chinese parts
ZH: 中国的零件库比蒂诺心

EN: Built by the poor, but designed by the smart
ZH: 由穷人,但设计的智能

EN: They open the door so you go
ZH: 他们打开门,所以你去

EN: On your mark, get ready, set, buy
ZH: 对你标记,做好准备,设置、 买

EN: Imagine a world where everything starts with an I
ZH: 想象这样一个世界,那里的一切始于我

EN: But it still ends with a die
ZH: 但它仍然以模结尾

EN: Probably got an app for that, you could try
ZH: 可能有的应用程序,您可以尝试

EN: Brother iClouds, right into the great wifi
ZH: 兄弟 iClouds,右转入伟大的 wifi

EN: Siri, can iGod really hear me?
ZH: Siri iGod 真的听到我吗?

EN: "Does not compute -- can you repeat more clearly?"
ZH: "并不计算 — — 你可以重复更清楚?"

EN: "Woaaaaah"
ZH: ""Woaaaaah

EN: [Hook 2]
ZH: [钩 2]

EN: A vessel in the bloodline
ZH: 一艘船在血脉

EN: A thirteenth Zodiac sign
ZH: 第十三届十二生肖

EN: A stitch in time, it goes on and on
ZH: 及时处理,就和

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [诗歌 2]

EN: Standing in line for some new Ones
ZH: 一些新的站成一行

EN: Had a bunch of blessings but I blew them
ZH: 有一堆的祝福,但把他们炸得

EN: Asked Google how to use them
ZH: 问如何使用它们谷歌

EN: Sent me to a section about used guns
ZH: 把我送到一段关于使用枪支

EN: New runs, nuns'll scream, moms with jeans
ZH: 新运行,修女会尖叫,妈妈与牛仔裤

EN: Match their teens' jeans and genies who try to chew gum
ZH: 匹配其青少年的牛仔裤和热涅斯企图嚼口香糖

EN: Aw man, it's so confusing
ZH: 胡人,这是让人困惑

EN: Confusion in the bun is what I have
ZH: 在出现的混乱是我有什么

EN: Good thing that God accepts cash
ZH: 神接受现金的好东西

EN: Maybe buy my way out his wrath
ZH: 也许买我他愤怒的出路

EN: Sceptically, why am I way off this path?
ZH: Sceptically,为什么我是路要走这条路吗?

EN: Atheism's cheaper, and accepts Visa
ZH: 无神论的便宜,并接受签证

EN: My thoughts is in queing up for sneakers
ZH: 我的想法是在队列的运动鞋

EN: Won't discriminate, getting all eight
ZH: 不会歧视,获取所有八

EN: In every color that they make
ZH: 他们所做的每种颜色

EN: Beaverton hearts with Chinese parts
ZH: 中国部分比佛顿心

EN: Built by the poor and designed by the smart
ZH: 由穷人和设计的智能

EN: On your mark, get set, cop em!
ZH: 对您的标记,获取设置,缔约方 em !

EN: Imagine a life that revolves around shopping
ZH: 想象着围绕着购物的生活

EN: Conspicuous consumption
ZH: 炫耀性消费

EN: That means it serves no other function
ZH: 这意味着它是没有其他功能

EN: But to show off to someone
ZH: 但给人炫耀

EN: Others who only try to show off to you -- look at your fellow loyal customers
ZH: 其他人只是试图向你 — — 炫耀看您们的忠诚客户

EN: Isn't harmony great?
ZH: 和谐不是很好吗?

EN: Look at all these friends that marketing makes
ZH: 看看这些所有的朋友,营销会

EN: How many fries can these arteries take?
ZH: 这些交通大动脉能带多少炸薯条?

EN: I'll give McDonald's a little help here
ZH: 我会给麦当劳在这里的一点帮助

EN: I think they should expand into health care
ZH: 我认为他们应该扩展到卫生保健

EN: And then you'll have all ends covered
ZH: 然后你可以覆盖所有的末端

EN: Even make caskets, have it all umbrella'd
ZH: 即使做棺材,把它所有的伞了

EN: Can you make a corporation fear me?
ZH: 你会担心我的公司吗?

EN: "Couldn't hear your order, can you speak less clearly?"
ZH: "听了您的订单,您可以讲不清楚呢?"

EN: [Hook 3]
ZH: [挂钩 3]

EN: That witch was burning the ground
ZH: 那女巫燃烧地面

EN: Will someday come back around
ZH: 将某一天回到你身边

EN: From dust from to dust it goes on and on
ZH: 从尘的尘埃就和

EN: Before daybreak there were none
ZH: 天亮前有无

EN: And as it broke there was one
ZH: 打破了有一位

EN: And still the story goes on and on
ZH: 而这个故事仍在继续和