Lupe Fiasco - Super Cold (Friend Of The People Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Cold blooded, chilly skin
, Can't touch it like your front wheel when it's Wheely-ing
, Wanna see...

Lupe Fiasco - Super Cold (Friend Of The People Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Cold blooded, chilly skin
ZH: 冷血的寒冷皮肤

EN: Can't touch it like your front wheel when it's Wheely-ing
ZH: 不能碰它像你前轮时它是 Wheely-ing

EN: Wanna see Chilly free like Free Willy friend
ZH: 想看看冷风像免费威利的朋友免费

EN: Wanted to see Free Willy really swim
ZH: 想看看免费威利真的会游泳

EN: I'm super cold, my jacket thin
ZH: 我是超级冷,我的夹克薄

EN: My tuba low like a marching band
ZH: 我吹大号低喜欢的乐队

EN: That means I'm super-deep, you surface skin
ZH: 这意味着我是超深,你表面的皮肤

EN: I'm the whole thing, you niggas 2%
ZH: 我是整件事,你爱你 2%

EN: Put em up on that carton, I think I'm losing em
ZH: 把 em 放那纸箱,我觉得我失去 em

EN: Bring all those St. Bernards in
ZH: 把所有这些圣贝尔纳茨

EN: Let's get some booze in them
ZH: 在他们让一些酒

EN: You know them doggs with them barrels on they neck
ZH: 你知道他们与他们的 doggs 桶他们脖子上

EN: And I'mma keep it cool like airholes on a Tec
ZH: 我来这保持它酷像 airholes Tec

EN: I be moving birds like the scarecrows on the set
ZH: 我是移动的鸟,像在集上稻草人

EN: Part dope-ass nigga, an old man winner
ZH: 部分涂料-黑鬼,老男人优胜者

EN: Chrismastime diamond singing carols on my chest
ZH: 在我的胸口上 Chrismastime 钻石唱颂歌

EN: Step up off the jet
ZH: 步下飞机

EN: Looking like a Pharoah in the flesh
ZH: 看起来像在肉身的法老

EN: I'm super-cold
ZH: 我是超级冷

EN: I'm super-cold, my freezer deep
ZH: 我是超级冷,我的冰箱深

EN: My cooler closed: air-conditioned seats
ZH: 我冷却器封闭: 空调的座位

EN: I don't trust them niggas
ZH: 我不相信他们黑鬼

EN: They conviction weak, they be thawing out
ZH: 他们的信念软弱的人,他们将解冻

EN: My commitment keeps
ZH: 我的承诺保持

EN: 12 months, hope that well jumps
ZH: 12 个月,希望好跳转

EN: Seems like selling souls, is havin' sells bumps
ZH: 看起来像卖灵魂,是带你去狂欢 ' 卖颠簸

EN: I be in to win while your sales slump
ZH: 在赢得同时您销售低迷

EN: Your chances getting slim, mine on their 12th brunch
ZH: 你的机会越来越渺茫,矿上他们 12 早午餐

EN: And they smell lunch: Hercules clump
ZH: 他们闻到午餐: 大力神丛

EN: Throw my weight around
ZH: 我周围的体重

EN: Ain't left the scale once
ZH: 不是一次离开规模

EN: Always bear in mind: even with your white fur
ZH: 始终牢记: 即使与你白色的皮毛

EN: We still polar opposites: you ice picks to icebergs
ZH: 我们仍然两极对立: 你向冰山冰精选

EN: I'm colder than Universal Soldier
ZH: 我是比通用战士冷

EN: Angel on my back everywhere I'm at
ZH: 到处都我在我背上的天使

EN: Niggas don't believe it just when I lay it down
ZH: 黑鬼不相信它只是当我躺在它向下

EN: And when I get back up and see my angel on the ground..
ZH: 而当我重新站起来,在地上看到我的天使...

EN: Super-cold
ZH: 超级冷

EN: Chicken soup for souls, now who could use a bowl?
ZH: 鸡汤的灵魂,现在谁能使用一碗?

EN: Don't be salty now, trying to reduce my snow
ZH: 现在别不能咸,试图减少我的雪

EN: Cause I just move em out: Ice Man
ZH: 出搬 em 的原因: 冰男

EN: Fresh out a mutant's skull
ZH: 新鲜出变种人头骨

EN: I ain't no student though
ZH: 我虽然不是学生不

EN: Black Sean White and he skis, and he skates
ZH: 黑肖恩白和他滑雪板,和他脚下

EN: And he leaves all types of cold tracks all behind me
ZH: 他留下的冷轨道都在我身后的所有类型

EN: And you can follow those if you ever wanna find me
ZH: 您可以按照那些如果你想要找我和

EN: Better dress warm or you'll end up like the Shining
ZH: 更好的衣服温暖否则你最终会像发光

EN: That boy or that lady with that nigga gone crazy
ZH: 那男孩还是那个带疯了那个黑鬼的女人

EN: Pretty damn amazing: I can't get out
ZH: 相当惊人: 我不能出去

EN: So I'm forced to ride this elevator anywhere it takes me
ZH: 所以我不得不骑这个电梯里任何地方我花

EN: But when I hit my flow, I'mma open up that door
ZH: 但当我打我的流,我来打开那扇门

EN: Won't be 3 stacks on your cousin, but just that super cold
ZH: 不会对你表哥,但只是那超级冷 3 堆栈