Lupe Fiasco - Lupe Back (Friend Of The People Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro]
, [Verse 1]
, Yield, to the forces of darkness
, I bring you the torches of our shit
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Lupe Fiasco - Lupe Back (Friend Of The People Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro]
ZH: [介绍]

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Yield, to the forces of darkness
ZH: 向黑暗势力屈服

EN: I bring you the torches of our shit
ZH: 我给你带我们屎的火把

EN: Reinforced with hardness of Wolverine's
ZH: 加固的金刚狼的硬度

EN: Arms with the harshness and overall sharpness
ZH: 与残酷和整体锋利武器

EN: Now how far do the arms get?
ZH: 现在走多远做武器?

EN: My nigga, from the stars to the starfish
ZH: 我黑鬼,从星空到海星

EN: From the baby to the bomb
ZH: 从婴儿到炸弹

EN: It's a whole lot of light and a whole lot of armlift
ZH: 它是 armlift 的整个光的很多和整个

EN: My arms long, but I'm lawless
ZH: 我的手臂很长,但我是无法无天

EN: A strong arm, I can lift up all this
ZH: 强壮的胳膊,我可以举起这一切

EN: You gon' have to build a bigger farm for us
ZH: 你会抓 ' 已经为我们建立一个更大的农场

EN: To keep them wolves out of Old MacDonald barn, bitch
ZH: 让他们狼老麦克唐纳谷仓,婊子

EN: Yeah, Team Jacob
ZH: 是的团队雅各布

EN: We're long armed, put my arms on a lear
ZH: 我们长期武装,我的手臂放李尔

EN: Everytime I put my hands in the air
ZH: 每次我把我的手放在空气中

EN: Watch the throne as I dance in the chair
ZH: 眼睁睁看着我跳舞在椅子上王位

EN: Throw my crown in the crowd, hope it lands on the heir
ZH: 在人群中扔我的皇冠,希望它的土地上的继承人

EN: The weak niggas like to pass interfere
ZH: 弱黑鬼想通过干预

EN: Spend a lot of lint over jams in the year
ZH: 过去一年的果酱花很多的线头

EN: That act like the man up in here
ZH: 那像男人在这里

EN: That don't count when your only real fan is a mirror
ZH: 不算当你只有真正的球迷是一面镜子

EN: That's subliminal to any nigga that he feel he is too
ZH: 这就是潜意识向任何黑鬼,他感觉到他也是

EN: But you don't stand a chance, playa
ZH: 但你根本不可能,普拉亚

EN: I am there, Chi-Town, fan of the Bears
ZH: 我在那里,风扇的熊志-镇

EN: Love where they dance in the square
ZH: 爱在他们在广场上跳舞

EN: Yeah, Yankees too, but only cause Granderson there
ZH: 是的美国佬太,但只能导致格兰德那里

EN: And now wears khaki pants on La Brea
ZH: 现在穿卡其色裤子上拉布雷亚

EN: We all friends, why your man lookin' scared?
ZH: 我们所有的朋友,为什么要找你的人害怕吗?

EN: Turning whiter than Anderson hair
ZH: 车削比 · 安德森的头发更白

EN: Came out the garage like he saw a phantom in there, huh
ZH: 出车库像他看到一个幽灵在那里,来了

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: Oh shit alert, Louis clothes
ZH: 妈的警报,路易的衣服

EN: Callin women bitches, Louboutin and Gucci shows
ZH: 在呼喊妇女婊子,鲁布托和 Gucci 的演出

EN: Well, I guess there goes my Louis shows
ZH: 看来那里去我的路易斯显示

EN: More O shit, if your role model's a movie role
ZH: 更多 O 狗屎,如果您的角色模型的一个电影角色

EN: And if you live your life like it's a studio
ZH: 如果你过你的生活像是一个工作室

EN: Talkin' to us like we mics, a bunch of you ain't do befo'
ZH: 像我们中等收入国家和我们说话,你一堆没做 befo'

EN: Electric fences for a urinal
ZH: 电栅栏小便池

EN: Also keep a toaster in my jacuzzi, yo
ZH: 此外保持一个烤面包机在我的按摩浴缸哟

EN: Shock-a-zulu, call me Wasalu II
ZH: 休克祖鲁,打电话给我 Wasalu II

EN: Oh shit, man these record labels prostitute you
ZH: 噢,见鬼,伙计这些记录标签妓女你

EN: Strap them to sushi bars, and feed em lots of fugu
ZH: 他们绑寿司店、 与饲料府谷 em 很多

EN: Catch a bad piece
ZH: 抓到一片坏

EN: You can stick that 360 between your asscheeks
ZH: 你可以把那 360 之间你 asscheeks

EN: Artists let's mobilize and unionize like the athletes
ZH: 艺术家让我们动员和组织工会运动员的样子

EN: Radio is making our craft weak
ZH: 无线电使我们的飞船弱

EN: Forced to repeat the same dumb shit that work
ZH: 被迫重复相同的蠢的工作

EN: Only as hot as your last beat
ZH: 仅作为热作为您最后一拍

EN: And rappers, they relating to that last piece
ZH: 和说唱歌手,他们与有关的最后一块

EN: Album never leave they desk if you don't got no B.D.S
ZH: 专辑从未离开他们的办公桌如果你不有没有 B.D.S

EN: Sacrifice your publishin', they said you really need a hook
ZH: 牺牲你的 publishin',他们说你真的需要一个钩

EN: And they ain't gon' pay you, said that you received a look
ZH: 他们不是尼泊尔政府 ' 付钱给你,说你收到一看

EN: And what's stupid real, is what producers feel
ZH: 什么是真正的愚蠢,是生产者的感觉

EN: Twenty placements or you stuck in that producer deal
ZH: 二十安置或你被困在那个生产商交易

EN: And R&B chicks so get it the wildest
ZH: R&B 小鸡所以拿一个最疯狂

EN: All they money goes to hairdressers and stylists
ZH: 他们所有的钱都花到理发店和发型设计师

EN: Gotta keep up with that image
ZH: 要跟上这种形象

EN: Label lose they mind if they ever see a blemish
ZH: 标签失去他们介意是否他们看到一个污点

EN: ProActiv impeals, airbrushers and trainers
ZH: ProActiv impeals、 喷雾器和培训人员

EN: Managers suggest you fuck a nigga to be famous, huh
ZH: 经理建议你他妈的黑鬼成为名人,

EN: But it's all entertainment
ZH: 但它是所有娱乐

EN: Wonder when Cobain blew out his brains, did he blame it?
ZH: 难怪当 Cobain 灭了他的脑袋,他做了怪它吗?

EN: And if those snakes in the industry helped him aim it
ZH: 如果在该行业中的那些蛇帮了他的目标是它

EN: Started pressing up records before the bullet left the chamber
ZH: 开始按记录之前离开了会议厅的子弹

EN: I fight evil, everyday I'm livin'
ZH: 我打击邪恶,每天我还活

EN: Rest in peace to men, women and the children
ZH: 男子、 妇女和孩子们安息吧

EN: And middle fingers to the Pilgrims that killed 'em
ZH: 和中指对杀的朝圣者

EN: Friend of the People, happy Thanksgiving
ZH: 人民,感恩节快乐的朋友