Lupe Fiasco - Life, Death & Love From San Francisco (Friend Of The People Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1]
, She said love is a hard thing
, Somewhere between golfing and gardening
, Or parole...

Lupe Fiasco - Life, Death & Love From San Francisco (Friend Of The People Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [诗歌 1]

EN: She said love is a hard thing
ZH: 她说,爱情是一件苦事

EN: Somewhere between golfing and gardening
ZH: 介于之间打高尔夫和园艺

EN: Or parole board pardoning
ZH: 假释委员会赦免或

EN: But she was still down for a hard swing
ZH: 但她仍下硬的秋千

EN: Flowers she would pick like guitar strings
ZH: 她会像吉他弦挑的花

EN: For a real good whiff
ZH: 为真正的好味道

EN: Of how life behind par seems
ZH: 背后 par 生活的看起来

EN: Until then she a bar-teend
ZH: 在此之前她栏-teend

EN: And poor hot lead shots out of carbines
ZH: 穷人热铅拍摄出来的卡宾枪

EN: If an inmate ever even think about departing
ZH: 如果犯人过甚至认为离港

EN: Before it's time for the theft of a hard thing
ZH: 这是一件苦事被盗的时间之前

EN: Wanna see what a bum riding bar dreams
ZH: 想看到范骑栏的梦

EN: Before he get gunned down, cause some sharp scene
ZH: 他得到枪杀之前,导致一些尖锐的场景

EN: Saw it all on the way to the art scene
ZH: 看到它所有的艺术现场路上

EN: Around the time they kicked us out, they had the park cleaned
ZH: 大约在他们踢出我们的时间,他们已经打扫公园

EN: She ain't living in a car she just RV-ing
ZH: 她并不生活在一辆车她只是 RV ing

EN: Life on ice like the San Jose Shark team
ZH: 圣何塞鲨鱼队像冰上生活

EN: Hard times, tryna duck em like Darkwing
ZH: 困难时期,像 Darkwing 阿隆鸭 em

EN: Known for burning clothes and petty car-keying
ZH: 燃烧的衣服和小键控车而闻名

EN: And other less harmful skylarking
ZH: 与其他危害较小的牛群

EN: Bought a bag out of American Rag
ZH: 买了一袋出美国抹布

EN: A small Chinese-made American flag
ZH: 中国制造的小型美国国旗

EN: Took a dollar bill then split it in half
ZH: 花了美元的钞票,然后将它拆分的一半

EN: The picture that she bought wouldn't fit in the cab
ZH: 她买的图片不太适合在驾驶室

EN: On the train trying her best not to live in the past
ZH: 在火车上试着她最好不要活在过去

EN: A bum probably asked could he spit in her ass
ZH: 个游手好闲的人可能问他能吐在她的屁股

EN: And that was it, fits, tantrums random
ZH: 那就是它的配合、 随机发脾气

EN: Helter-Skelter, a world gone Manson
ZH: Helter-Skelter,一个世界去了曼森

EN: And I'll spare you the details
ZH: 我不会告诉你细节

EN: Dinner is ceviche out of seashells
ZH: 晚餐是塞的贝壳

EN: Annoyed cause her date really can't speak well
ZH: 生气的原因,她的日期真的说得不好

EN: But she forced to press on like Lee Nails
ZH: 但她被迫按上像李钉

EN: Next table was abhored by the weed smell
ZH: 下表是厌恶的杂草气味

EN: She was done at the moment that the tee fell
ZH: 她目前做的三通下跌

EN: A thick wool jacket on a cool night
ZH: 在一个凉爽的夜晚厚羊毛外套

EN: Unimpressed by poems or the moonlight
ZH: 对此不以为然的诗歌或月光

EN: Doesn't satisfy her like a game of pool might
ZH: 不能满足她像游戏池的可能

EN: Thinking "what if Fantasia had a broom strike?"
ZH: "如果幻想曲了扫帚罢工?"的思考

EN: Tuned right out of that school life
ZH: 调出该学校生活的权利

EN: Soon as reality became a camera crew and a boom mic
ZH: 即将成为现实中一个摄影队和繁荣麦克风

EN: So what do you do like?
ZH: 那么,怎么你喜欢吗?

EN: She said "Absurd last words from a dude off a Zoosk site"
ZH: 她说:"从 Zoosk 网站关闭接着荒谬最后一个字"

EN: And then left him
ZH: 然后离开他

EN: Like the Roots left Geffen
ZH: 像根留芬

EN: And the state Howlin' Wolf left Chess in
ZH: 豪狼留在国际象棋的状态

EN: Stop to watch flows have an unpaid session on the steps of a Westin
ZH: 驻足观看流动威斯汀的台阶上有未付的会话

EN: She really need to check in
ZH: 她真的需要签入

EN: And to apologize to her best friend
ZH: 并向她最好的朋友道歉

EN: New bras to put her chest in
ZH: 新文胸放到她的胸部

EN: Love life and death in...
ZH: 爱生命和死亡...