Lunik - Candle lyrics

the night was long
the candle's out
and now you wrap yourself around me
and tell me I'm the one for you
it's been a long time we're standing strong
such a long time we're going on
we can beat everything
I feel it right now:

together we can be stronger than anyone
and by myself I know it has to be the way it is
together - you and me

my hope is fading slowly away
so I wrap myself around me
knowing you're the one for me
it's been a long time, I wait for you
such a long time, I dream of you being here with me
I was so sure - what if I was wrong?

together we could be stronger than anyone
and by myself I was always sure
that we should be together you and me

dreaming all day long
you're too perfect to be real
did I just make you up how I wished you to be?
dreaming with the curtains closed between shades and candlelight
was it all just in my mind and now I'm losing it?
but I can smell you and I see your footsteps
the trace goes right through the middle of my heart
now maybe we're apart but one day we'll be together
you and me