Luni Coleone - Thug Shit lyrics

(feat. Skanless)

[Luni Coleone:]
They call me Luni Coleone down to dump on a snitch
Fuck em all nigga this west coast bitch
Down with ING nigga so im gang related
Spitting harcore shit fool I cant see faded
Im a Sacramento psycho (psycho)
Gone of the nitro (nitro)
Smash on a bitch then hit the ass when the lights go
Rolling down blowing ??? perved off yak
I do dirt then ski skirt when I bust my caps
I bet a nigga lay down when his shit get hit
Got his body smelling worse than some week old piss
Its I Coleone wrapping it up like egg rolls
Keep your bitch jocking on some 20's of Dayo
On the go making my louchi up off the llayo
Niggas never knew Shotgun would spit with Skandal
But its real shit we been folks since high school
Doggin bitches ditching class and passing the dank fool

[Chorus: x2]
Who wanna fuck with some of this thug shit
We got game to make your main bitch love dick
To all my enemies when killing me nigga bump this
Ill have my niggas on your ass like some draws trick
Thug shit

[Luni Coleone:]
We spit that thug shit everything is on a bitch
Hardcore living ghettofabulous on some real shit
Popping my collar we getting sideways
Banging gears big carpooling up on the highway
We kill em up mash on niggas like take a bone
I hit em up with the chopper once again its on
Now thug niggas raise them thangs up (thangs up)

And bust a cap up in the air if u dont give a fuck (give a fuck)
Grab your bitch by the neck and yell out slut (slut)
And tell your partna with his bitch ass he better duck
Thug living mafioso doing big things up off the heezi
Like your breezi at the mo cheezi with a dick up in her kizi thru
I thought you knew Coleone make the shit crack
Like beer cans off my boots when im tore back
Thug living death or prison is our motto
Thug shit Coleone spitting hard with Skandal

[Chorus x2]

Skandal be the realla the nigga the big figga
Hustle hard go get her tell that bitch I wanna meet her
Player till I die but killa when I ride
Strapped armed and daily its a struggle to survive
So I keep my mind on my paper and my head on straight
You could ask my folks who the Coleone fool its been that way
Since high school been the same fool
With the same tool with the same rule every bitch nigga must lose
Cuz ive paid dues and got my ranks from bringing bad news
To hoe ass niggas that be acting just like you
You brand new like young niggas smoking boo boo
Im old school like real niggas smoking green jewels
Bringing the pain none of that to no gain
Its like the mutherfucking sun without no goddamn rain
Skandal fuck the whole world high as a kite
Ask my peep Shotgun I bet we ride tonite
Come on

[Chorus x2]