Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc. - Condemned Property lyrics

"An unpleasant silence fills the grey surroundings,
Only the wind whistles through the barren trees,
The place seems death and deserted,
On a gravestone is written "REST IN PEACE"

Back in time, you can watch many children play,
The house of fun was opened every day,
Little girls playing with sweet looking doll's
Enjoying themselves until sunset fall's.

Condemned Property [2x]

Boy's climbing trees and romping on the lawn,
Coming to the house, whenever it became dawn,
But all this pleasure, would soon come to an end,
The house was built on unholy land.
What happened that day, cannot be explained,
The loss of children, left parents in pain,
Was it Satan, who took them into the depths. Of hell,
No knows the answer, only time can tell.

Condemned Property [2x]

"The clock stroke two, as the sky turned black, it seemed that time stood still.
When daylight came back, and life resumed, the house had disappeared from the hill"