Lunatic Gods - At The Threshold Of Life lyrics

Silence - at the threshold of life
Can you feel - that empty body
Do you remember - the way you lived
You are dying - all the years have

Why - did you live - wasted time
You - lived this way - you don't know why
You'd like - a few more days - though
There is no time
Time - you wanna turn back - but don't
Know how

Everything - you are willing to give
You'd like - for the last time
To see - what you didn't realise
The wonderful - sunrise

You don't have a clue
Everything you had - is lost
So many deceits
You went through - no more
Cry - over the way
You lived - all the years - disappeared...

Pain - you'd like to feel again
Pleasure - you'd like to laugh again
To live - you'd know another way
You'd like - but there is no time