Lunachicks - P.S. Hell lyrics

cuttin into the bathroom
waitin for the bell
they say its high school but I think it's hell
puffin a joint into the vent
been up all night an' I feel spent
guards around the corner so I better work fast
or this suspension will be my last
stone walls, the floors, sick of all these dictators
get a note to the nurse
i run in the office and steal her purse
go out, get drunk in the park
hang out late until its dark
dont get up the next day
I just stay home and sleep
hate my classes/teachers anyway
ain't been there for weeks, no!

no more JAPS in cashmere sweaters
no more jocks in tall sweat socks
now I'm failling all my classes
trying to cheat off the nerd with glasses
I'm going to P.S.Hell

now I'm out of that hell hole
now I'm the one who takes control
no assholes yelling at my hair
they can yell all they want
I dont care