Lumidee - Never Leave You (feat. Busta Rhymes & Fabolous) (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Busta Rhymes]
, (whoo)
, (yeah)
, Hey yo techs move where ya black it's gonna be one of them hot...

Lumidee - Never Leave You (feat. Busta Rhymes & Fabolous) (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Busta Rhymes]
ZH: [伍佰]

EN: (whoo)
ZH: (呜)

EN: (yeah)
ZH: () yes

EN: Hey yo techs move where ya black it's gonna be one of them hot summers (yeah)
ZH: 嘿哟技术员步凡雅黑它的打算他们热的夏天 (yes) 之一

EN: Busta bust down
ZH: Busta 萧条下来

EN: (Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh)
ZH: (呃哦,哦哦,呃哦,呃哦)

EN: Here we go
ZH: 我们走

EN: (Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh)
ZH: (呃哦,哦哦,呃哦,呃哦)

EN: Flip mo
ZH: 翻转 mo

EN: (Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh)
ZH: (呃哦,哦哦,呃哦,呃哦)

EN: Lumidee
ZH: Lumidee

EN: Hey yo ,ya know why she going uh oh, right?
ZH: 嘿哟,你知道为什么她会呃哦,好吗?

EN: Check it
ZH: 检查它

EN: You got a hotter other than my Copacabana, Mama
ZH: 你热我科帕卡瓦纳,妈妈不

EN: Gotta lotta shit with you when I'm loving persona Mama
ZH: 得多狗屎你时我爱妈妈的角色吗

EN: Always love to get with you whenever
ZH: 总是喜欢跟你无论何时

EN: U need me, mama holla
ZH: 你需要我,妈妈也为你喝彩

EN: How you check me, can you give me the oochie walla walla
ZH: 你如何检查我,你能给我喝沃拉沃拉吗

EN: Swallow a couple shots of Jag and make a dolla
ZH: 吞下几个镜头的捷豹,使多洛

EN: Lil' mama in the crib with a poke to complete your scalla
ZH: Lil' 戳与婴儿的妈妈来完成您 scalla

EN: Talk about an example of a shorty that might need to prowla
ZH: 谈一谈的可能需要到 prowla 矮子示例

EN: Got a chick in the bug, it come with a little shoppahora
ZH: 在 bug 中有一个女人,它来与一个小 shoppahora

EN: Take you to the Caribbean down the Carolina
ZH: 带你去下来卡罗莱纳州加勒比

EN: To the Mediterranean and enjoy the water
ZH: 到地中海,享受水

EN: When the role is wacky, you keepin' me stocky
ZH: 当作用是古怪,你才让我粗壮

EN: Takin' care of this super Mike
ZH: 关照一下的这个超级迈克

EN: When you check on your Papi
ZH: 当你看看你老爸

EN: When you're right baby, hug me with all your might
ZH: 当您正确的孩子,抱着我用你的全部

EN: And put it on, cause you know it's on tonight
ZH: 并把它放在你知道这是今晚的原因

EN: Break up or make up, you know we I'm gone
ZH: 分手或弥补,你知道我们走

EN: When you find an empty ride
ZH: 当你找到空骑

EN: We will be together and still be bright
ZH: 我们将在一起并仍是大有可为的

EN: [Lumidee]
ZH: [] Lumidee

EN: Never ever wanna let you go
ZH: 从来没有想要让你走

EN: Tell me what you're feeling, cause I want to know
ZH: 告诉我你的感受,我想要知道的原因

EN: If you're around, you know I'm down
ZH: 如果你在身边,你知道我下来

EN: I'll be that girl that keeps you around
ZH: 我会留下你的那个女孩

EN: I'm only here, just because
ZH: 我只在这里,只是因为

EN: It feels good, say enough to keep you right
ZH: 感觉很好,对说不够让你正确

EN: Believe your love
ZH: 相信你的爱

EN: I never thought you'd be the one that make me shine
ZH: 我没想到你会是那个让我发光

EN: Brighter than the sun
ZH: 比太阳亮

EN: There ain't no ups and downs
ZH: 那里不是没有跌宕起伏

EN: No in and out, you're here right now
ZH: 不进进出出,你现在在这里

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: If you want me to stay, I'll never leave
ZH: 如果你想要我留下来,我不会离开

EN: If you want me to stay, we'll always be
ZH: 如果你想要我留下来,我们会永远

EN: If you want me to stay, love endlessly
ZH: 如果你想要我留下来,爱无止境

EN: If you want me to stay, if you want me to stay
ZH: 如果你想要我留下来,如果你想要我留下来

EN: I'll never leave you
ZH: 我不会离开你

EN: Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh
ZH: 呃哦,呃哦,哦哦,呃哦

EN: [Fabolous]
ZH: [] Fabolous

EN: Fabolous (uh),Lumidee
ZH: Fabolous (呃) Lumidee

EN: I ain't never gon' believe
ZH: 我是不会尼泊尔政府 ' 相信

EN: Whoever gonna leave
ZH: 不管是谁要离开

EN: You feel so good on my arm
ZH: 你感觉那么好我的胳膊上

EN: Somethin like the baseball jacket with a leather on
ZH: 心里有些东西喜欢棒球夹克与皮革上

EN: The sleeve
ZH: 套筒

EN: All flooded Tommy's that cost seven hundred g's
ZH: 所有淹成本七百个 g 的汤

EN: You lovin', hate the type that love everyone to see
ZH: 你的爱、 恨爱大家都看的类型

EN: Baby girl, go down like she never wanna breathe ,whoo!(uh oh)
ZH: 宝贝女儿去的但却像她永远不想呼吸,呜 !(呃哦)

EN: I got a playa right, cause this kid don't usually let them stay tonight
ZH: 我有这孩子通常不让他们今晚待在普拉亚右原因

EN: And when I know you wrong, I say it right
ZH: 当我知道你错了,我说右

EN: And when I wanna say no, I say I might
ZH: 当我想要说不,我说我可能会

EN: Cause it's real talk, you know it ain't another
ZH: 它的真正说话的原因,你知道这不是另一种

EN: And anytime I'm gone, you know I'm thinkin of you
ZH: 随时我走了,你知道我在想你

EN: And anytime you need, you know I got you covered
ZH: 只要你需要,你知道我为你盖

EN: You know none of the others do what I does
ZH: 你知道其他人都不做什么

EN: I keep your rocks bluer than hers
ZH: 我把你的岩石比她更蓝

EN: Keep your shoes newer than hers
ZH: 保持你的鞋子比她更新

EN: And I do it because, uh
ZH: 这么做是因为...

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]