Luie Hond - Met Liefde lyrics

Keep it out y'all
This station rules the nation

I am waterhouse
I am come to tell it to the people
musical vibes is the right vibes
for I and I
Right now, we come to give you positive vibration
we give you roots, rock, reggae
As is in this Luie Hond
We play for everybody
we give you roots, rock, reggae

Keep it out y'all
you name it hot, you know

(radio, radio)



Musical Luie hond
Musical vibration

Music is our life
and music is what we want
with love
yes man, I tell you man
Wicked, I tell you man

Rasta migration will give you positive vibes

Luie hond is about to gonna take over
(Luie hond) way too hot, you know
(Luie hond) radio
I am a wicked man
and honestly Luie Hond have
more fire under them skim
more fire, more fire

How nice of these folk
Put on your dancing shoes
and come and listen to Luie Hond
Don't forget tune in
tune in the station of Luie hond
tune in, tune in the station of Luie hond