Ludacris - Sex Room (feat. Trey Songz) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Ludacris]
, Welcome to my little sanctuary
, you been looking so good all day
, and you got a n-gga...
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Ludacris - Sex Room (feat. Trey Songz) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Ludacris]
ZH: [] Ludacris

EN: Welcome to my little sanctuary
ZH: 欢迎来到我的小小庇护所

EN: you been looking so good all day
ZH: 全天你一直这么好

EN: and you got a n-gga really anxious baby
ZH: 和你有了 n gga 真的急宝宝

EN: better call your boss tell him that your daddy’s home
ZH: 更好地呼叫你的老板告诉他,你爸爸回家

EN: take a couple days off
ZH: 休息几天

EN: and take it off and leave nothing but your T-shirts and your pantys on
ZH: 和把它拿下来,对离开没什么,但你的 t 恤和您 pantys

EN: feeling high but I’m hung real low looking sorta like a tripod,
ZH: 感觉高,但我挂真正低看有点像一个三脚架

EN: so power down your cell phone and power up your iPod
ZH: 所以关闭你的手机和您的 ipod 电源

EN: power down your inhibitions and power up your inner freak
ZH: 关闭您的禁忌和电源了你内心的怪物

EN: (yes…f-ck)
ZH: (是的......f-ck)

EN: it’s the only words that you finna speak
ZH: 它是唯一的话,你将由我的发言

EN: its about to get real x-rated
ZH: 它将会真正 x 级

EN: can you handle what I’m ’bout to do
ZH: 您可以处理我是什么 ' 怎么样做

EN: but enough about me let me think
ZH: 但对我足够让我想想

EN: should I be worrying about if I can handle you
ZH: 如果我能处理你,我应该担心吗

EN: damn right I’ma get that thing and I’ma put my name on it
ZH: 太对了我得去拿那件事和我要把我的名字在上面

EN: all night I’ma whip that thing, all state better put a claim on it
ZH: 整晚我要鞭那件事,所有状态最好都穿上它的索赔

EN: I claim my territory, my tongue finna mark you up
ZH: 我要求我的地盘,我的舌头将由我标记你

EN: you could be my fire cracker, my tongue gon spark you up
ZH: 你可能是我火饼干,我的舌头尼泊尔政府火花你了

EN: get ready for blast off, waterfalls gon splash off
ZH: 准备升空瀑布尼泊尔政府启动画面关闭

EN: you might lose around 4 or 5 pounds so get ready to sweat your ass off
ZH: 您可能会损失约 4 或 5 磅要准备关闭汗你的屁股

EN: [Trey Songz- Chorus]
ZH: [Trey Songz-合唱]

EN: Welcome to my sex room
ZH: 欢迎来到我的性别房间

EN: where your body meets my body
ZH: 你的身体哪里符合我的身体

EN: its our private after party
ZH: 其我们私人晚会之后

EN: if you want it girl I got it in my sex room
ZH: 如果你想要的女孩,了它在房间里做爱

EN: candles and a pole sets your body to your soul
ZH: 蜡烛和一根杆设置你的身体你的灵魂

EN: from the bed down to the floor, sex rooms
ZH: 从床上到地板,性的房间

EN: mirrors in the head board, even got a camcord
ZH: 镜子在头板,甚至有 camcord

EN: baby won’t you dance in my sex room
ZH: 婴儿不会你舞蹈在房间里做爱

EN: Welcome to my sex room
ZH: 欢迎来到我的性别房间

EN: where your body meets my body
ZH: 你的身体的交汇处我的身体

EN: its a private after party
ZH: 它是一项私人派对后

EN: if you want it girl I got it
ZH: 如果你想要的女孩,拿

EN: in my sex room
ZH: 在房间里做爱

EN: [Ludacris - Verse 2]
ZH: [Ludacris-2 节]

EN: Let the candles burn, Imma turn these lights down
ZH: 让蜡烛烧、 凋谢把这些灯

EN: and when your body gets hot, it’ll get you licked up and iced down
ZH: 当你的身体变热,它会让你舔了舔和冰下

EN: nipples hard as rocks, lips as soft as cotton
ZH: 乳头硬如岩石,唇,柔软如棉

EN: your the apple of my eye, and I got you spoiled rotten
ZH: 你是我眼中的苹果,我把你宠坏了

EN: I’mma get my video camera, lets make a movie baby
ZH: 我来拿我的摄像机、 让我们做一个电影婴儿

EN: you the star so as soon as I press record you got’s to do me baby
ZH: 你星级所以尽快按记录你的帮我宝贝

EN: you can stare all in the mirror, take a pic at how good you looking
ZH: 你可以盯着所有在镜子中,采取事先知情同意在多好你看

EN: Imma have you body smoking, take a look at what Luda’s cooking
ZH: 风雨有你身体吸烟、 看一看鲁达的烹饪

EN: my arm underneath your leg leg
ZH: 我在你的腿腿底下的手臂

EN: or behind your head is how I gots to get ya
ZH: 或在你的脑袋后面是如何我要得到你一部份

EN: right hand left hand all red in the bed like we’ve been playing twister
ZH: 在床上像我们一直在玩费尔托斯特都是红色的右手左手

EN: now I’ve got you tangled up and you caught all in my web
ZH: 现在我对你缠,你抓到都在我的网站

EN: should I let you loose nah
ZH: 我要让你松不

EN: I think I’ll get the blindfold instead
ZH: 我想我会把眼罩相反

EN: you better get a couple towels baby
ZH: 你最好把几个毛巾宝宝

EN: cos we about to slip and slide
ZH: 因为我们谈到滑和幻灯片

EN: you don’t ever need a horse or saddle
ZH: 你不需要一匹马或鞍

EN: I’mma give you this d-ck to ride
ZH: 爸爸给你这 d-ck 骑

EN: I’mma grant your every wish and fulfill your fantasy
ZH: 我来给予你的一切愿望和实现你的幻想

EN: aint nobody else allowed in the sex room
ZH: 不是没人能性室

EN: it’s only you and me
ZH: 它是只有你和我

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [End]
ZH: [完]