Ludacris - P-Poppin (Uncensored) lyrics (Chinese translation). | One more again head down pussy poppin on a handstand
, [Hook]
, Head down pussy pussy poppin
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Ludacris - P-Poppin (Uncensored) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: One more again head down pussy poppin on a handstand
ZH: 一个更再次头躺下的阴部 poppin 面对上倒立

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: Head down pussy pussy poppin
ZH: 走下猫猫 poppin 面对

EN: Head down pussy pussy poppin
ZH: 走下猫猫 poppin 面对

EN: Head down pussy pussy poppin
ZH: 走下猫猫 poppin 面对

EN: Head down pussy poppin on a handstand
ZH: 走下阴部 poppin 面对上倒立

EN: On a handstand
ZH: 上倒立

EN: On my american banstands
ZH: 关于我美国 banstands

EN: Summersalts cartwheels bitch just keep on dancing
ZH: Summersalts 车轮婊子你就好好的跳舞

EN: Chinese splits-splits slide on down that pole-pole
ZH: 中国分裂-分裂幻灯片上下来那极极

EN: And feel this dick getin outa control-trol
ZH: 感觉这个老二被录取出一控制-控制

EN: Oh no keep goin till a nigga like me say stoooop
ZH: 直到我这样一个黑走不留说 stoooop

EN: Let it kiss the sky and then make it droooop
ZH: 让它亲吻天空,然后又使其 droooop

EN: Tuck and twist if you don’t like it you can fuckin Cris
ZH: 塔克和扭如果你不喜欢它你可以他妈的克里斯

EN: Im rubbin clits so stay in catch don’t try to duck and miss
ZH: Im 热腾腾势所以逗留在 catch 不要试图鸭和错过

EN: (Bitch!) Do your stretches don’t pull no hamstrings
ZH: (贱人!)做你的舒展别拉没有腿筋

EN: You got me movin infact your doin the damn thang
ZH: 你让我 movin 逸你干那该死的唐卡

EN: Stronger muscles exersize every body your body hurts
ZH: 更强的肌肉 exersize 每个身体你的身体伤害

EN: Lets do this sweatin thank God your bath and body works
ZH: 让我们做这个 sweatin 感谢上帝你浴和身体的作品

EN: I like a woman who makes her own doe don’t need a lot of help
ZH: 我喜欢一个女人会让她自己的女尸不需要很大的帮助

EN: But your heart’ll melt if I put a thousand in your garder belt
ZH: 但你的心就会融化,如果我把你平地机带了一千

EN: Lipgloss traces your pierced in 11 places
ZH: 在 11 个地方的唇彩痕迹你镂空

EN: And your lips down town just made some familiar faces like WOAH!
ZH: 而你的双唇下镇只是作出一些熟悉的面孔像哇 !

EN: [Hook (x2)]
ZH: [钩 (2)]

EN: Imma send a chapter to this pussy poppin legacy
ZH: 风雨一章向发送 poppin 面对这个脓包旧版

EN: Shawna be that Bitch cant no bitches come fuck wit me
ZH: 尚娜是婊子不能没有婊子来操机智我

EN: When I pop that cris im on that business and bubbly
ZH: 当我弹出该业务和香槟,克里斯 im

EN: When im in that 6 wit 20s spinin on luxury
ZH: 当在关于奢侈品那 6 机智 20s spinin im

EN: Cuz I got that head game
ZH: 因为我有那个头的游戏

EN: Fuckin up that bed frame
ZH: 他妈的把那床框架

EN: But don’t get me wrong now shawty gon’ let that led hang
ZH: 但不要搞错了现在不错但决比不上尼泊尔政府 ' 让这样的领导坑

EN: Better learn that game shawty
ZH: 更好地了解这游戏不错但决比不上

EN: Better get yo’ man shawty
ZH: 更好地得到哟 ' 男人不错但决比不上

EN: Foe he endup tamed and be gone all in the brain shawty
ZH: 敌人他朋友区里驯服和所有在脑不错但决比不上消失

EN: This here be futuristic
ZH: 这就是未来派

EN: This business so explicit
ZH: 此所以明确的业务

EN: The way I brake it down for you bitches its so exquisite
ZH: 煞车它下来你的母狗的方式其细腻精致

EN: Let it go now front back watch me drop it like that
ZH: 让它现在前面和背面看我这样放它走

EN: Show me where that money at
ZH: 给我看看哪里在那笔钱

EN: Boy come wit them 100 stacks
ZH: 男孩来机智他们 100 堆栈

EN: Now break in wit that pussy poppin
ZH: 现在在机智打破那猫 poppin 面对

EN: That pussy droppin to the flo'
ZH: 弹夹到弗洛那猫 '

EN: And got these niggas slobbin' he wantin mo'
ZH: 还有这些黑鬼调戏 ' 他脸蛋 mo'

EN: Wit out that doe popi aint nuttin happen
ZH: 机智出那 doe popi 冒失骤雨发生

EN: Cuz that’s the show im from the go u get that pussy poppin
ZH: 因为那是从去 u 显示 im 得到那猫 poppin 面对

EN: Stopin that pussy dropin GONE
ZH: 可爱得那猫凝乱世

EN: [Hook (x2)]
ZH: [钩 (2)]

EN: Every time we hit the club
ZH: 每一次我们打俱乐部

EN: We at least 50 deep
ZH: 我们至少 50 深

EN: Smokin' purple, pourin' grichi got everybody keed
ZH: 冒烟紫色、 掏 grichi 有每个人的启德

EN: At the club 7 days a week find DTP off in this bitch
ZH: 在俱乐部 7 天一周找到 DTP 掉在这个婊子

EN: That ho! poppin dropin God damn shawty who is this
ZH: 何 !poppin 面对不错但决凝神该死比不上是这

EN: Redbone wit a scorpio tatted on her tummy
ZH: 天蝎铭刻在她的肚子的混血女人那机智

EN: Im sittin slouched back in the chair stuntin waving money
ZH: Im 牵挂懒洋洋地窝在椅子 stuntin 挥动钱回

EN: And shawty start zig zaggin a dariair for me
ZH: 不错但决比不上开始曲折我 zaggin dariair

EN: A bowlegged throughbreded said her name was strawberry
ZH: 罗圈腿 throughbreded 说,她的名字叫草莓

EN: Up her pussy she pushed in a whole bottle of Mo
ZH: 把她的阴部她推在 Mo 一整瓶

EN: Reached in my pocket grabbed a G and then threw it on the floe
ZH: 在达成我的口袋里抓住一 G,然后把它扔在大块浮冰上

EN: Here u deserve this doe now jump on stage and work the pole
ZH: 在这里 u 值得这 doe 现在跳上舞台和工作杆

EN: Face down ass up hoe hands on those
ZH: 脸朝下屁股锄头手上那些

EN: Now pop that couchie you know the procedure
ZH: 现在流行的 couchie 你知道过程

EN: If you want this cash gotta make that ass shake like a seziure
ZH: 如果你想要这笔现金得像 seziure 动摇你的屁股

EN: Either magic or pleasas
ZH: 魔法或 pleasas

EN: Find me spending cheese up
ZH: 找到我花的奶酪向上

EN: Maxin out my visa
ZH: 我的签证出化学

EN: Trickin on stip teasers
ZH: Trickin 关于科技革新政策急转弯

EN: [Hook (x3)]
ZH: [钩] (3)