Ludacris - O Lets Do It (Conjure Mixtape) (A Hustler's Spirit) (2010)

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Ludacris - O Lets Do It (Conjure Mixtape) (A Hustler's Spirit) lyrics

Remix, haa
We gon do this one for the ATL right
so check this out it goes something like this…

Ok, Fresh pair J’s on my feet thats how I do it
if you scuff my J’s then we gon have to get into it
snuff you with my right then I’ll deck you with my other hand
and you might get a little hit but I’ll bounce back just like a rubber band
Blaaaaw, all up in your muthaf-cking face
I’ll buss your bottom lip come get a muthf-cking taste
DPG see me on TV better not mistake me for no sucker
cos the 4-4 make em hit the flo flo and say you make em run for cover cover
cover your eyes and cover your mouth when a grown man talking
I’m swaggin, Im surfin matter of fact thats how im walking,
walking it out, but on the other hand Im walking it in when it comes to the pa-pa-paper