Lucy Diakovska - The Dark Side Of My Life lyrics

Verse 1:
I'll take the road to heaven,
And find a simple way to see the light
And try again to be the morning,
Again to breathe the air I need
To feel my body and my soul, for one last time!

I'm searching for the place where I can see-the grass is green,
I'm waiting for the moment to escape the day,
When we shall be an illusion,
Be the once who never had the chance,
To run away, from the dark side of this life!

I'll love you forever,
Even if we're thousand miles apart.
One day we'll meet again,
The road will end,
I'll leave the dark side,
Leave the dark side of my life!

Verse 2:
Wherever you may go-I'll be around to keep you safe,
I know, you never mend to hurt me, never mend to cause me pain,
So I'm trying to claim the good in you,
To make you see the good in me
And relieve the darkest destiny!