Lucy Diakovska - Little By Little lyrics

Verse 1:
I'm walkin' down the empty street
And wonder why the city sleeps.
Tonight, I realise, I'm on my own again.

I'm lookin' out for someone,
Crying much to my regret
Gather memories of you and I.
Now I'm sad and tired
Of playin' the game of love divine,
Now I'm asking why?

Little by Little,
Memories fade away.
I'm telling the story of yesterday…
How you left without a word to say
Now I pray,
Little by Little again…

Verse 2:
Tomorrow I'll be on my knees
Rememb'ring the forgiven days.
Unchained, my soul may be,
But my heart is melting secretly.


Midd 8:
Even though I'm a loner , driving
Down the road of hope brave and torn.
Mystifying I fall, then I'm signing
For my resolution to show