Lucky Luciano - High Part 2 lyrics

[Lucky Luciano: speaking in reggae]
Yeah, man
Come, come
I'm so stoned, I forget me nationality sometimes
Welcome, welcome, come one, come all
I like to welcome you to Lucky Islands

[Chorus x2: Lucky Luciano]
Roll up a blunt and pass that whole 'rine
Can't leave the weed alone, I'm so high
I'm high
El purpimando
I'm high

[Lucky Luciano:]
Well, me wakin' bacon blow big all day
Learned to blaze mary jane, then raid the 'fridgerator
Lift a blank of elevator, blunt long as the equator
I'm stuck to my couch, can't find the T.V. changer
So I watch the same channel for two hours, then I cough [coughing]
Then I get up and forget what I was gonna do, so I (Damn!)
Sit back down, and try to smoke a pound
Mama said I need a job, but I still ain't found one
So I go to Stop-N-Go and pick me up a green sheet
Then I see a shiny pack of watermelon swisha sweets (Sweet!)
Get back to the pad and read the help wanted ads
Man, fuck this
Where's me ziplock bag, I need to

[Chorus x2]

[Lucky Luciano:]
Keep a smelly bag of pot, higher than a astronaut
Take a hit and pass it back, and don't slobber on my doobie
Got the Alcapulco gold, white with a wind kush
Got me in a zone
High as giraffe puss
Blood-shot eyes and got yellow fingertips
Keep a cotton mouth, my weed is seedless
Hydroponic, all I blow is chronic
Can't pay the rent, spent all my dough on it
Chocolate tye
Where the hell is my lighter
Better use the stove, if I can't find one
Some like a hippie in a tight ass shirt
Ain't shaved in a week, and I smell like purp'

[Chorus x2]

[Pre-Verse x2: Lucky Luciano]
No stress
Smoke in my chest, I
Roll the ganja til there is none left

[Lucky Luciano:]
Then I go to Church's Chicken, pick me up a number three
Four bisquits for a dollar, potatoes and gravy
Strawberry soda, wish I had a little lean
But I blew all of my money, on this green weed (Man)
Been blowing green since fourteen
Man, my dad had all the weed
Used to find a stash and steal some
Cut a cigar and fill it up
Tell rehab, I can't give it up
Break it down, I'll twist it up
I ain't selling nothin', this all for me
Man, this some good brocolli

[Chorus x4]