Lucked Out - The Bus Is On Fire lyrics

I'll start a fire, and watch it burn through the cities.
If it hits your building I will make you safe.
You can try and put out my flame but I will never stop feeding,
I'll take this world down with me.
And all I know, is that I can't stop thinking of everything you do.
I want leaves to hide behind, to sheild me from your life.
And it all comes falling down,
And I could do with so much less I could live with one last breath.
I've got a problem this time it's not you. But I can't stop the burn,
I need the fire to help me through.
I'm falling down and I have my friends to guide me, but they only can do so much.
And I turn to the wrong path of white, so please don't hate me now.
Again my anger drives me to take your innocent life.
You're so bright, You're so right