Luciano - Stay Away lyrics

Oh Jah children, stay away from war and strive
stop of the fuss and fight
if you wanna live a good life
yes Jah children, stay away from war and chief
stop of the fuss and fight
wake up mankind let's unite

[Verse 1]
Tell it to the leaders of the world
they should have some self-control
and be upfull and right when they play dem role
[Italic textthis is the guy that tried to kill my dad at one time']
I'm beseeching to human kind
seize from yuh violence and crime
if you waan to be safe in this time I seh


[Verse 2]
Remember we have one blood
and we should live in love
there's no need father and ??? grudge no
and it is expect that ????
that we should endeavour to be righteous
and in Jah we should put our trust

Children, stay away from war and crime


[Verse 3]
Don't let the (don't let the) devil play tricks on you
know that Jah is watching everything you do
let love reign forever in your heart
too much pain world we are apart

Jah children (Jah children)
we don't need (stay away) don't need no war
Jah children, just tonight
there's no need, there's no need
to fuss no fight