Luciano - Foot Soljah lyrics

La La, La La Oh boy, yeah yeah
La La, La La, yea, in my heart it seems as though...

Look at me now, as I travel along, in my heart I'm singing a song, yes
I once was weak, but now I'm strong, I fully recognize the Father's plan
To be in this world and not of this world, that's the way mankind should live -oh yea
and everything we do or say we should think positive, and even the burdens will lighten our soul - yea
and that's the way I will live my life(li - fe), the little i have, the more I give - oh yeah
to free myself of material wear, depending on naturality

I'm a foot soldier, trodding through Jah land,
Trying to ovastand this thing called life,
I'm a foot soldier, trodding through Jah land,
teaching everyone about Jah's love

Where are you going? What are you running to?
To make a dime for another man?
Did you kiss your queen? And did you hug you youths today?
To let them know you ovastand.
Did you pray? Did you bless the brand new day? To free your mind of this confusion?
And that is why I make this decision, to strip myself oh materiality
Oh well...cus


And though some times,
I feel so close, with strong hope I keep racing through,
soon I know I'll be moving on,
to a place on a higher ground