Lowercase - Glisten To The Pink lyrics

Hang out the ferrous wire
Unhinge the mother
And leave for electric light
A candle to goad the meat
Innards of a weary womb
The loss keeps bleeding
The milk runs warm and mild upon the pavement
And I can see the light
A pinprick gleaming in all that you recognize
Where consciousness resigns
A man is draped across a balustrade of spine
He walks his fingers around your collar so maligned
He takes no prisoners that can hardly contain
His self-devotion as his sorrow starts to fade away

A glee man sneers at us
His voice confession
In stalls that you emphasize
Are holy latrines
And I can see the light
A pinpoint fleeting
From all the reasons why you pass out needing
A man is saved
A man is made to walk the line
Between the fore and aft
That spans the length of time
He was a singer but could hardly entertain
His mixed emotion was his solemn saving grace