Lowe - Simplicity lyrics

I'm good, I'm bad, I'm all there is
I am your grief and I'm your bliss
I'm all you have, I'm all you miss
I am a fist, I am a kiss

I'm the secret no one ever knew
I'm all you'll ever find
I'm yours, I am deceiving you
I'm nothing, I'm all around

Why complicate things
Make them easier
But you just won't
Why complicate things
When it's easier
If you don't

I'm when, I'm why, I'm all above
I'm all you hate and all you love
I am before and I am now
I am a creep, I am a dove

(Bridge repeat)
(Chorus repeat)

In times when nothing is, as it seems to be
I just can't see no other way but simplicity
I have to go where my senses are taking me
This is what I know, this is what I've learned

(Chorus repeat)