Love Takes Flight - Tell Me Now lyrics

Now you've locked your heart…
But I found the key so wont you let me in
It was buried beneath broken dreams and fairytales…
You always told yourself…this has to be

But it never has to be…be this way we've made it
Why do we play these games?

You know its not too late

So Tell me now…what is it that you're waiting for?
Just break me now…this isn't what I'm waiting for

Just put down the knife…
And come to peace with all your demons…
Forget your reasons
I promise to pick you up and heal the wounds
When you skin your knees…these wounds I'll wash them clean
Just like your mother did when you were younger…
She would hold you close…and say I love you most…
This is me!

"every word was killing me…
Your every word was killing…stronger faster"

Just say hello…to being more alive