Love Solfege - White Lolita lyrics

A girl watching the sea was dreaming, all alone.
Everything caught her eye near the sea
Was nothing but a fantasy.

The girl hearing the wind was thinking, all alone.
Anybody she calls near the sea
Was nothing but illusion.

White Lolita, the white rose of virginity
Was waiting for the time when someone take her away.
White Lolita, really pure in body and mind
Was longing for a fantastic story

A breeze has come and put her gently to the sleep
Although she couldn't realize it then
She strayed into an old castle.

The breeze that blows around whispered me she was there.
Perhaps, I could never have known it then.
I'm feeling now that we are blessed...

You were dressed in a pure, shining white dazzling veil
And gave me a smile, an innocent smile.

The story has begun in the dream we're dreaming
You and I were getting out of this reality.

You have an innocent and pure heart inside, girl
A heart with crystal chastity.

And I'm in loneliness (You feel loneliness.)
Somebody, tell me what the true love... (I'll tell you what the true love is...)

I might have been with her,
I always wanted it
Before I saw the light of entity
I've just found it too difficult

Visions I could have seen have gone to somewhere.
I wanted to look away
I knew it though
Where was Lolita