Love Me Butch - The Protector lyrics

Ten years ago somewhere in July
You will not only get all you deserved
But these very things that have preserved
Its like on the wall they have a no smoking sign
Do what i told you to do, believe what i say is true
But i've gotta show em the line show em the line
I'm the protector of the remaining youngs

Oh please believe me
That i'm not a liar
Why can't you just believe me?
I'm the protector of the remaining youngs
Oh if you believe me
I'll keep you alive
Oh you must believe me

And if you imagine the world ten years from now
It will look no more than a foul
It seemed that people are forgetting
What they must do in the present
Murder and fraud are what i often see in headlines
When will these people realise
All they are is winning the greater prize
Hope you'll like everyone has their own pride
Hope you'll like some changes