Love Equals Death - The Broadcast lyrics

What's On The TV Screen
Another Failed American Dream
Or A Life Lost To This Tragedy
Suffocated Thoughts
Pacified Social Talks
On How We The People Need To Bleed

We Won't Live In Silence
These Eyes Have Seen Enough Violence
These Eyes Have Seen It All

Have You Read The News
Politicians Say Its True
Die For Your Country
Or It's Freedom You Lose
Who You Gonna Believe
The Death Toll Or A Politicians Greed
They Fooled You But They Won't Fool Me

This Is A Broadcast Now Listen Up
If You Keep Your Mouth Closed Then We All Get Fucked
This Is Your Time To Scream...We Wanna Be Free

It's All Fun And Games
Until Someone Gets Hurt
Americas The Man And The Worlds The Skirt
Lookin' For A Fuck
You Wanna Find It Here Good Luck
I Won't Fall To These Fascist Ways