Love Automatic - Mrs. Radio lyrics

I taste you on my tongue.
You're like a dream to me.
I think you know how much
I feel your every frequency.
They curve of every wave
And the message you've relayed.

Now you're breaking up,
Cause the static struck
But I want you so bad I could die.
So I turn your dial
And I search a while
But you're no where I can find no, no.

See I've been making plans
To break plans
Cause I'll leave it all
Over one quick call
Saying you're gonna put me on.

So Mrs. Radio
Would you just let me know
Or call me overconfident
And roll your eyes
I guess I'll take the compliment.
So Mrs. Radio
You've gotta let me know
Why won't you put me on.
(You turn me on just to turn me off again.)

So girl let down your hair and
Show me what you're about.
It took a while but now
I finally tuned the static out.
Transmissions loud and clear.
And all I need
Is you and me
To play the song I want to hear.

And her bodies screaming touch me, touch me.
It's the beauty of the music that she makes.
And I can't hold out, I've gotta get inside somehow.
Why won't you put me on?

We kill ourselves for the obvious reasons.
You know what we want.
And we're gonna take it.
So won't you put me on.