Louise - Light Of My Life

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Louise - Light Of My Life lyrics

Here I go again, cold and lonely nights
I'm with your body next to mine
Just imagining, you're here holding me
The thought of you just burns in me inside

Peopl say you'll end up part of me
If only they could see what I see they'd know...

Your love, one thing in life that I'm sure of,
Light of my life baby shine on
Make me believe your the right one
Follow me
Say you'll be, forever be
Light of my life

Move me with your words, and your tenderness
and reach a part of me I never knew was there
(I just wana)
Thank the moon and the stars up above
Someone out there must've heard my prayers

dont know why we waited so long
i only know we belong with each other


I might be a million miles away
But I'll never lose my faith
Never let me down
When all others left me, you were there
Yes you were

Light of my life
Light of my lifeeeeeeeeee

[Chorus X2]

guide me through the dark times
give me something to believe

Light of my life