Louise - In Walked Love lyrics

Once there were stars out in the night
They never seem to shine
And love was there for every heart
Seemed for every heart but mine

Thats how it seem to be
Then darling you changed everything
Just when i thought I'd given up
Out walked loneliness

In walked love, in walked you
In walked all my dreams, Coming true
In walked love
Right through my door
I saw your face, then I knew
All I looked for I had found in you
I found the one that i'd been dreaming off
In walked love

I threw my heart into the wind
I'd throw my love away
And love would never let me in
And then you came my way

Just like a ray of light
That breaks through the long cold night
you brought in a brand new morning sun
Out walked loneliness


Out walked loneliness

(Chorus to fade)