Loudog - Another Day lyrics

this is just another day
waking up brush my teeth and
wash my brain
drink some coffee
the news drivin’ me insane
the world is bad
i stay at home

welcome back to the real world
your dreams are over
say good morning to tv
real life brutality
war is in the east
they say it’s for our best
and you’re gettin’ an idea
why they wanna burn the west

a thousand people dead
riots in the streets
suicide bombers in baghdad
floods in asia it’s enough
i switch off my tv
close my eyes and fall asleep
in my dreams humanity
lives in peace and unity


no more hate no more racism
and no one is judged
by the colour of his skin
no gods and no religions
no corruption and no politicians

see how nice the world could be
when people would all
get tired and sleep
i’m tryin’ my best
i’m goin’ to bed
and i keep on dreamin’ of a better world