Los - Pay Up (Becoming King Mixtape) (2013)

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Los - Pay Up (Becoming King Mixtape) lyrics

Hey yo that shit it’s getting critical
I think they think I’m in the school
Look here nigga
You girl look here
It’s magic
No looks here nigga
Here nigga
I beyond them nigga

Sleeping early nigga like ..
Speaking the … thislose bars
But my men give to me my new jobs
Like we have new cars
This plan it’s for you nigga to …
Get you arm bandage
I’m planning to get you home
back to you bitch I came back to you
..and I make back through you
And bad to you
Whatever happened to you
And practice Voodoo
As matter of fact I’m a rap guru
Who’re you?

I won’t buy your heart
Don’t make me a … nigga
They may fucking ….
Don’t play that
Cause they took all nigga
They took our studio from us
But now .. I’m a beast
And I’m back and better
I was becoming a king and know I’m back from my chair
Pay up