Lorenzo's Music - Inamorata lyrics

Found and put it down
I'm tired enough
Off the top of your head
Take 'em by the shore
Bind up your easy mark
What's it gonna fix
Mistimed your play
The random hour
Just put your name on the thing

Used to understand
It's sorry we're shut
not sorry we're closed
tonight is up or so I wanna tell you
my whisper wire companion schill


This time around
with your chin against the curb
you nail your colors to the pole
this time around, you can't see behind
no matter, you gotta, wanna,

Did the song
carry it along
I turned it up
see where it shows
side by, side by
side by, side by
side by, side by
side by, side

Turn on the tap
go on with you
what ought'a be done
what ought to be

Chorus 2x