Lords Of The New Church - New Church lyrics

When the heroes have all died away. Priests and politicians
have all lied away now. Actors after all were only acting.
Church killed knowledge. Took the world a slave. Ya gotta walk
it man just like ya talk it. Wear the uniform of your gang.
Purpose in life's just for living. Dream merchants fantasy
surreal so real. Divide and conquer - that's their game.
Beneath their haircut and clothes we're really all the same.
They threaten our lives with nuclear war. Gonna cruficy us
just once more. Join the new church. Be a lord of the new church hey.
Truth can't be found on the television. Throwaway youth
ya gotta take a stand. Music is your only weapon. Spanners
in the works go start your gang.....
New church. Join the New Church. Be a Lord Of The New Church.
Lords Of The New Church - now.