Loraine McFarland - Passion Fades lyrics

Verse 1
Here's another night alone
With no one here beside me
It feels so cold
Is this what I call home
And memories of the past it brings
Tears to my eyes
When I think about what we use to share
Then you cut me off, Then you cut me off from you

Thats what are passion did
Went away
And I can't bring it back and
No matter how hard that I try
Without your help we can't survive
Is no more and I hate it
Come back you
I need you, I can't fake it
Don't understand, you are my fate
But once was passion faded away

Verse 2
I'm thinking 'bout what use to be
You brought me to my knees
Fire, the passion all was there
The heats turned cold
Like the passion in your soul

I thought love always came through
Faking release just for you
Thought you knew me
Thought you knew me
Thought you knew
But now im threw