Loraine McFarland - I Still Didn't See lyrics

Verse 1
I can't believe
It ended this way
After what
After what you said
You told me
That you were so sorry
And that you would never
Hurt me again
According to you it was lies
But I don't know if its true
Why would you waste your time

Every chance I gave
To you was a mistake
I should have never let you back in
You would always lead me on
Knowing I thought you were the one
And you used it against me
I still didn't see

Verse 2
So I cried
And cried a long time
After everything you said
The pain you gave me I can't compare
But what killed me
Was when you did not care
I never knew you
Could be so cold
Now I should've listened
To what I was told

I can't believe I was that blind
To not see through all your lies
But I gave you the benefit of the doubt
And it just backfired on myself