Loraine McFarland - Another Sad Song lyrics

Verse 1
I'd prepare myself
For those little awful words
I could win an oscar
For this act because inside in hurts
The tears I would cry
Would be uncomparable
Losing you is unbearable

So this is how
The story goes
You and me take back
Those words
Take back all
The forever's
The I love you's
Leave you never
I don't think I could
Ever make it threw that one
Don't become just
Another sad song

Verse 2
Just the thought of
To ever have to say goodbye
Makes me tremble
And wonder why we wouldn't try
That's the day when
I'd let go and fall
Love was suppose to conquer all

This is a song that I don't ever want to sing
Losing you would equal losing everything
Let's avoid breaking up because I do love you
Don't make this song come true

(repeat chorus)