Looking Up - High Point lyrics

I need to feel
This heart beat fast
So I can lose this distraught that I feel inside
The lights and shapes blur as I pass
Searching for a shadow to confide
No matter how long
Or quick I run
I'm always staring down the barrel of that gun
Never being able to escape it's sights
The grip on my necks beginning to be too tight
Sometimes I ponder if I died this time
Would you finally feel ashamed?
But I know if my heart stopped on this very rhyme
It would all still be the same
Nothing would change
You'd still have that perfect lie
And I'd still be unknown
You'd still be devouring all that was ripe
And I'd have to savor every rotten stone
Because every beat of this heart
And every thought in this mind
And every drop in these veins
And every second of my time
It was all
All of it
For you
But you'd never see it
You never do
Go on, break. . .
Break this heart this soul this body
Break these bones, this glass I stand upon
Break those promises that meant so much to me
Break those memories to you I was never more than just a thought