Long Distance Calling - Tell The End lyrics

leaves his warm and golden cage
blindly he would follow
the darkened glint he calls a friend
carrying a heart that bleeds in him
what made him forget what he once believed?
moving, the pace was slow again
never he thought he wouldt retreat
trying to kill the urge that made him freeze

distract with pain the nail burns in my eye
a thousand nights had taken whats inside
and gazing at the walls, these faces in mind

the weeds grown over a dying land
the sings of greater sorrow
no one left to tell the end
the silence made him creep
unable to talk about what might have been
seeking the days when he was him
sleeping awake, waiting for the release
fighting for the urge he couldn't breath


no way ro to return or to hide in those cages
trying to forget about seeing their faces
the truth hurts too much and they're trying to make him
do what it takes to turn those pages


these faces in mind