Lonewolf - Only A Dream lyrics

Every night I'm caught inside a dream
every night it's just you and me
We hold each other's hands as we whisper
our names in silence, softly drowning
but it's only a dream

Every night I can see your blue eyes
every night I tell myself these lies
that we are together and we're bound forever
but when I wake up I start to cry
'cause it's only a dream

Refrain: It's only a dream, so I try to forget it
but whatever I do, no, I just don't make it
'cause you are all I ever needed
there's this feeling in my heart, I can't beat it
You are the one I've fallen in love with

Every time I see you it's so hard
every time I wish we'll never part
But you don't love me, maybe you don't know me
but I won't give up my hope that it won't be
any longer a dream