Lonewolf - My Promise lyrics

Running through this neverending night
lost in space and time, beyond the light
too far away to hear me calling your name
but so near to feel the same again and again

Every little whisper of your sighs
'n every day fulfill your same lies
there is no one, who understands your dream
but maybe you are blind, maybe it is me

Refrain: Can you feel the power that surrounds you ?
This voice in your heart ?
Can you feel the power that is in you ?
This feeling in your heart ?

Just dare a look behind you and you'll see
the one who can now save you is me
I guide you on this lonesome ride
and if you trust in me you'll see the light

You're not alone, if you just only feel
the truth in you with the power to heal
a long time ago I promised you
to take your burdens off from you, so bring them to me