Lonewolf - If You Leave lyrics

I don't understand your world,
cause it's flying high above my mind,
´n sometimes I can see your sky,
if I could only take a U.F.O. and fly,
take a U.F.O. , take a U.F.O. and fly to your sky – high

If you leave, I'll be there
if you stay, I'll care
if you only be there,
there ain't anybody in between,
if you leave , I'll be there
if you stay, I'll care,
if you hold my hand and,
and keep me locked up in your soul – alone
alone, you and me.

But let me dig into your soil,
perhaps I'll bring a nice treasure home,
´n let me dive into your sea,
I think, I'll catch a pearl and bring it back,
bring it back, bring it back to you

Refrain Solo