Lonewolf - For A While lyrics

There is a thing in this world that burns like a crimson fire
that tells me " You are alive " and feeds my soul with desire
I want to feel it for a while
It comes and goes like melting snow, a dawning day after the dark
It melts the snow and lights the the day and fills right up my heart
I want to feel it for a while

Refrain: Spread your wings and let us fly away
across the western sky and let this fairytale 'come real
and never change this feeling until the end of time
and save this moment for a while

And I see clouds above the valley, I feel the light upon the hill
Anticipate the rain will come, for the fire it will burn
When I feel it for a while
And there's someone in this world who has the might to help me
Who blows away, the clouds away and helps me the light to see
I want to feel her for a while