Lonestar Ridaz - Intro lyrics

[Low G:]
Yepa Yepa homeboys
It's the Lonestar Rida, Low G
Real life, real lyrics
Happy P. El Coyoté
The real, recognize the real
Dope House Records
---- sell itself, always
Fuck a friend, fuck a hoe
I'm here 'til I go
It ain't about money, it ain't about fame
It's about family
Damn, we so close, but these niggas don't understand
We came from so far.

[Happy Perez:]
You can love me or hate me
It's all gravy
Mama couldn't raise me
& dope fiends paid me
Took what I learned in the streets to make beats
One million dollars later, still smokin' Swisher Sweets
& I remember way back, way back in the ghetto
See as far as I can remember niggas called me Hap.
See as far as I can remember I was po' & broke
No money in my pocket & no seed to smoke
But now things changed, see it's been a little better lately
The greatest blessin' in my life has been my baby
Cause I ain't never known love like that
& ain't no angel up above like that
& I pray
That she don't have to see the things I saw
Too many murdered friends & niggas behind bars
Wit cut-throat niggas, scandalous ass bitches
Niggas blowin' they brains out, so vicious
Fake niggas, kickin' niggas doors down.
For what?
Just to brag when some hoes around.
& you call yourself a gangsta, a hustla, a player?
That ain't nothin' if The Lord ain't yo' Savior
So I kick back & put my heart on this ghat
& everything I say be silent, so that's that
& we blessed, foo, so let's bow my niggas
That's why I made this here for all of my niggas.

[South Park Mexican:]
A biggie bang to the boogie woogie shoobeedoowap
I'm doin' 120 racin' this new eye rop?
I'm a worker in the dirtiest game on planet earth-a
I sip the shit that come in a little jar of Gerber
Table turner, sellin' pearl-a
Smoke in my nerve-a
I'm one eight hundred murder, I packs the Big Bertha
Boys lookin' at me funny, my palm get sweaty
You bitches cryin' over spilled spaghetti
You can ask my girl, I used to be broke as hell
I couldn't pay my doctor for my in grown toe nail
& it's a trip, cause I ain't even broke a sweat
But if I turn around, you see my back is soakin' wet.